Affectionate Things to Do in Macedonia

If you’re looking for a loving getaway, Macedonia presents a perfect mixture of history, traditions and pure beauty. This small , beautiful country is a great vacation spot designed for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday lifestyle.

Check out the capital of Skopje

As a modern country with historic roots, the capital of Miscuglio is a captivating blend of aged and new. This UNESCO World History web page is a great destination to spend your time, with an variety of sights, visitors attractions and museums that will make you in shock.

Go on a guided head to with a community guide to discover the historical side of Skopje, visiting monuments such as Dame Gruev and Gozada Delcev, a pillar on the Macedonian Groundbreaking Movement. You will also visit the picturesque Natural stone Bridge and Vardar River.

Eat within a restaurant covering Macedonian cuisine

North Macedonians are recognized for their food, and their dishes are a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Far eastern influences (similar to the food we attempted in Albania). Try their particular flaky, gustful strong gamy palatable burek pie; pleskavica, a grilled hamburger-like specialty; or perhaps tarator, a yogurt and cucumber drop.

Go up the Sar Mountains

The soaring peaks of the Sar Mountains rise above Macedonia and are an amazing sight in the winter, but they are a must-see in summertime, too. If you’re looking for a great adventure, don’t miss the chance to scale the Sar Mountain range with a community guide on the mountain-climbing travel.

Pond Ohrid

There is certainly nothing that can compare with a serene blue pond, and honestly, that is how come Lake Ohrid is one of the most beloved landscapes in North Macedonia. The UNESCO World Historical site is ringed naturally and dotted with ancient monasteries, making it the spiritual heart with the country.